Great Stories By A.N. James

See The Wonder

One day at work I received an email from my son. Attached was a short story that he had written for fun. With his permission I used that as inspiration to create a novel. I had never attempted anything like that before and quickly found myself immersed in a magical world.

After months of writing, I was left with a story that was far better than I had hoped. With the help of friends and family I polished it to a point where I was proud of what I had created. Soon I will be able to share it with the rest of you.

My journey doesn't end here. This is a talent I want to continue to develop and I plan to write more awesome stories. Let me know what you think.

Liked my story? Good news, I plan to keep writing and improving. As of right now I already have book two in the works, and I must say its even more fun than book one.