Great Stories By A.N. James

See The Wonder


Jerry is an average paramedic trying to do his best for the community, but his life is a lie. After a knock on the head shows him the truth. All he wants is to go back to being a medic and saving lives. But when magic is used to oppress, he can’t stand by and watch.

The stakes increase when an ancient organization abducts his partner, forcing Jerry to pull out all the stops

Join in the adventure as he plunges his city into chaos and enters a new world full of Dark Elves and magic.

One day at work I received an email from my son. Attached was a short story that he had written for fun. With his permission I used that as inspiration to create a novel. I had never attempted anything like that before and quickly found myself immersed in a magical world.

After months of writing, I was left with a story that was far better than I had hoped. With the help of friends and family I polished it to a point where I was proud of what I had created. Soon I will be able to share it with the rest of you.

My journey doesn't end here. This is a talent I want to continue to develop and I plan to write more awesome stories. Let me know what you think.

Liked my story? Good news, I plan to keep writing and improving. As of right now I already have book two in the works, and I must say its even more fun than book one.